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Welcome to National Information Technology Center

Government Integreted
Data Center

GIDC is constructed as high grade data centre at a national level to be used by all entities of the government. Its role is to provide services like data storage, sharing computing resources, email/internet and website hosting, which are general function of any data center, to all the government ministries and departments.

It is expected that all ministries and departments are connected with the data centre by the high speed network so that they can manage their applications from their own premises in a secured manner.

GIDC is initially planned to provide data and Internet services for other government agencies in the first phase and later it is planned to act as Storage Area Network (SAN) data center, where network of interconnected storage devices and data servers located within data center offering leased storage space.

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E-governance is about the use of (ICTs) to raise the quality of services governments deliver to citizens and businesses.

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Domain Registration & Hosting

Domain registrations under are free of cost.

E-mail Service

Provides Centerlized Email Services.

Human Resource Training

Human Resources must be developed in the field of ICT.

Server Co-location

NITC offers HVAC facilities for co-located servers.
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The final goal of GIDC is to act as an enterprise data center (EDC) by possessing the central processing facility for an enterprise’s computer network.

We Provide Services To Following Government Agencies.