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Focused Area

Focused Area

The world is rapidly transforming into one society driven by an outstanding increase in the amount of communication between civilizations. It has really become information driven society in which Information Communication &Technology plays important and indispensable role.

E-governance is about the use of (ICTs) to raise the quality of services governments deliver to citizens and businesses. Most governments in the developed world have moved towards some form of implementation of IT to deliver services to the citizens as well as better govern their internal programs. The focus area are as follows.

  • Implementing e-government.
  • Business recovery.
  • Disaster recovery and failover.
  • Contingency planning.
  • Crisis management facilities and services.
  • Day-to-day work, monitoring, and reporting.

National Information Technology Center (NITC) also focus for critical components and their special security requirements.

  • Physical Security of DC
  • Restricting Access
  • Securing your Data
  • Network security
  • Server security
  • Cyber Security