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The National Information Technology Center (NITC), situated in Singha Durbar, Kathmandu was established in the

year of 2002 in line with IT Policy 2000 with the vision of developing and promoting Information Technology Sector

of Government of Nepal.


Being an implementing agency for Government of Nepal, NITC acts as a focalpoint for implementation of Government

E-services, which includes but not limited to ICT development projects for E-governance.  Having a data center of

its own, it provides a one-stop solution for server collocation for government agencies with its government network

as a backbone. Providing e-services (e.g. Business license portal, E-Gate-Pass system,E-procurement etc.),

hosting the government websites, managing government mail servers and government domain name service are

among the many critical services NITC is responsible for.


NITC also takes care of bridging the digital divide by supervising the scores of tele-centers it has established

across the country.  The primary objective of such tele-centers is to provide the E-services to the citizens

through a single national portal.


NITC provides consulting and training services to the other government agencies in the filed of Information

technology.  Similarly, it also helps the agencies to develop and maintain their IT system in compliance with

Government Enterprise Architecture (GEA) and Government Interoperability Framework (NEGIF).