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General Overview of NITC/GIDC

National Information Technology was established in 2001 AD with the objective of developing and promoting the information technology sector of the Government of Nepal. Due to the rapid development of information and communication technology, the modern world has been transformed into a global village.

The spread and advancement of the use of information technology is deepening the governments reliance on information systems. The use of information and communication technology has led to the establishment of national information technology to address policy as well as institutional challenges with appropriate opportunities through continuous development and dynamism.

The National Information Technology Center acts as a data bank of information and assist in computerization of records at governmental offices and in developing and expanding the contents.

Objective and Mission

The core objective of NITC are as follows:

  • Make information technology accessible to the general public and increase.
  • Employment through this means.
  • Build a knowledge-based society.
  • Minimize immediate damage and losses.
  • Establish knowledge-based industries.
  • Implementation of E-governance in Nepal.

The core mission of NITC are as follows:

  • Common Infrastructure for Seamless Network Backbone up to village level.
  • Providing seem less ICT consultation service.
  • Ensure the smooth integration of new technologies into social & economic development.
  • Improve information knowledge capacity.
  • Determine the likely impact of ICT on economy & society through payment gateway, e- licensing.

Vision : “Facilitating ICT enabled Delivery of all Government Services(G2G,G2B & G2C etc.) from traditional modes to integrated electronic modes wherein the value to the citizens and businesses gets enhanced”


The information technology strategies adopted to accomplish the above-mentioned objectives of rapid development and expansion of information technology in a fair and competitive environment shall be the following:

  • ICT Infrastructure creation for e-Governance like.
    • Government Integrated secured network.
    • GIDC with DRC and multiple load balancers.
    • Government integrated mail, CMS & payment gateway system.
  • Implementation of e-Governance Applications.
  • Technology Exploration and Deployment
  • Capability Building for faster, cost-effective, quality delivery of e-Governance services.
  • Technology assessment & forecasting(providing environment for responsive information system)
  • Prepare capable manpower with the involvement of both public and private sectors for sustainable development and expansion of information technology.
  • Carry on research, develop and expand information technology with a high priority to participation of the private sector.
  • Encourage native and foreign investment for the development of information technology and infrastructure pertaining to information technology.
  • Legalize and promote e-commerce.
  • Assist in e-governance by using information technology. Utilize information technology in the development of rural areas. Promote information technology industries.
  • Enhance professional efficiency through the use of information technology.
  • Expand the information technology network to the rural areas.
  • Establish Nepal in the international market in information technology.