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The world is rapidly transforming into one society driven by an outstanding increase in the amount of communication between civilizations. It has really become information driven society in which Information Communication &Technology plays important and indispensable role. Keeping up with the 21 st century, governments around the world are embracing Information Technology (IT). In every region of the globe-from developing countries to industrialized ones - central and local governments are putting critical information online, automating bulky processes and interacting electronically with their citizens.

The arrival of new Information Communication & Technologies (ICT) has significantly enhanced our capabilities to collect, process, and distribute information. Almost all developing countries regard ICTs as an important factor while preparing their national development plans. One area has received outstanding attention is the use of ICT in the quest of good governance, usually termed e-governance.

E-governance is about the use of (ICTs) to raise the quality of services governments deliver to citizens and businesses. Most governments in the developed world have moved towards some form of implementation of IT to deliver services to the citizens as well as better govern their internal programs. Today wide ranges of E-governance projects are being implemented at different parts of the country including the projects designed to reduce digital divide in rural areas that have been ignored in the past.

E-governance is a radical concept that covers wide range of IT enabled reforms. They are as follows.

  • Prioritize the governments need to use IT and the Internet to provide services between government agencies, citizens, and business
  • Improve the democratic values of the government process and administrations through more transparency, accountability, and involvement.
  • Make the internal operation of public administrations more efficient.
  • Change the mindset of the administration for successful implementation of e-governance.
  • Create awareness of IT in the top bureaucracy.
  • Expand access of IT to the common people through establishment of self sustaining Tele-center in rural part of the country.

NITC with support from Korean IT Industry Promotion Agency (KIPA) and HLCIT has already drafted national egovernance master plan that:

  • Defines a practical vision for National E-governance.
  • Designs appropriate architectures.
  • Creates Infrastructure in compliance with the architectures.
  • Recommends E-governance Framework.
  • Defines effective policies, standards and procedures for IT governance and decision making (e.g. IT security Policy, cyber rules and regulation etc).
  • Recommends an organizational structure for supporting E-governance.
  • Provides an implementation plan with schedule and budget.
  • Maps existing IT enabled government services and e-readiness.
  • Creates awareness for recognition of IT as a productive tool of learning and good governance at all levels of government
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