Video Conferencing Service

NITC provides video conferencing service to government ministries and departments. Currently NITC has provided video conferencing service to few of the government agencies. On request we are planning to provide all the government agencies so that they can earn following benefits.


  • Establishing more productive working relationships without impacting travel budgets
  • Powering virtual teams
  • Increased productivity across dispersed workforces and teams
  • Improves Communication & Reinforce Relationships
  • Efficient knowledge transfers

Following are the list of Agency who have taken Video Conferencing Service from NITC

S.N Agency Name
1. Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
2. Ministry of Finance
3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
4. Ministry of Urban Development
5. Ministry of General Administration
6. Nepal law commission
7. Ministry of Land Reform & Management
8. Ministry of Health
9. Ministry of Science and Technology
10. Ministry of Information and Communication
11. Office of Vice President of Nepal
12. Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority
13. Ministry of Education
14. Public Service Commission
15. Ministry of Energy
16. Ministry of Defense
17. Ministry of Home Affairs
18. Ministry of Physical Infrastructure & Transport
19. Ministry of Labor and Employment
20. Public Procurement Monitoring Office
21. Ministry of Law,Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
22. Ministry of Irrigation
23. Ministry of Youth & Sports
24. Ministry of Peace & Reconstruction
25. Ministry of Commerce t
26. Ministry of Agriculture Development
27. Water and Energy Commission Secretariat
28. Ministry of Women, Children & Social Welfare
29. Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development
30. Election Commission, Nepal
31. Ministry of Industry
32. Ministry of Co-operatives and Poverty Alleviation
33. Department of Customs
34. National Reconstruction Authority
Government of Nepal
Ministry of Science and Technology
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